We award 2 Certificates

Multiple repairs, verified by multiple expert peers and ARC panel members, is the key component to the ARC Verification

Expert Peer Reviews

3-5 referrals from Expert Hail response technicians. Candidates enlist these referrals from expert technicians with whom they have worked multiple transactions using an assigned URL code.

Expert Panel Reviews

3-5 Complex (non-hail) work examples. Confirmation from our expert panel members involves scoring: difficulty, results, presentation, angles and lighting used in each example. At least 3 examples must score an M1 rating from our panel members.


  • Panel experts are chosen from highly skilled and proven PDR professionals across the United States.
  • For accurate reporting, our panel experts will be kept anonymous. Panel experts also have no knowledge of whose repair is being reviewed.
  • Panel experts contribute their time independent of brands or associations. All members contribute on a volunteer effort.


The Verification Process, home or office plaque, and placement into the ARC registry has a one-time fee. There are no further dues or subscriptions. If for any reason you do not pass the review process, all fees collected will be refunded.

One-time cost of $169.00 (includes a home or office wall display)
REBATE $100.00 for your participation, enrollment, or membership in any of these 5 industry icons:

  • Napdrt NAPDRT
  • Valemc VALE Master Craftsman
  • Imi IMI Level 2 EV Certification
  • Pdrnation PDR Nation
  • Do mtegc MTE Dent Olympics grand champion/finalist

STEPS for ARC Peer Verification:

  1. Log onto certifiedPDR.com and register a temporary account
  2. Submit for the review process
  3. Await confirmation and permanent URL/QR Code registry (3-6 days)